1. The parents have a great role to play in the educational and personality development of their children.
2. They are kindly requested to study all the rules of the school carefully and abide by them faithfully and also have them observed by their children.
3. Parents should kindly see that their children come to school in time for the MORNING ASSEMBLY.
4. The attention of parents / guardians is drawn to the fact that without their help and co-operation not much fruit can be expected from the efforts made to mound their children’s character in school. They are therefore, earnestly requested to see that the rules of the school are strictly observed by their children, that they prepare their lessons and take an effective and helpful interest in the activities of the school.
5. They should always encourage their children to participate in as many co- curricular activities as possible to bring out the full potentialities of their children and to build up self confidence and self esteem in them.
6. They should visit the school on OPEN DAY and also once during the term and meet the Principal and the teacher of their wards to know about the progress of their children.
7. Occasional reports are made by teachers in the school hand book. Parents / guardians are requested to sign the progress report and any other report of their children / wards whether the reports are satisfactory or not.
8. If a pupil is absent through illness for more than a week the Principal must be informed in time and a medical certificate has to be produced.
9. If there be any infectious disease at home, parents should report the fact to Principal at once and should not send their child till the danger of infection has passed.
10. Parents are kindly requested not to visit the class during class hours. All business will be transacted in the office hours. Parents may however contact the teachers during the recess or before or after school hours with the permission of the Principal.
11. They should avoid criticizing the teachers of the school in the presence of the children lest they loose respect for their school and teachers with the possible failure to learn from them.
12. Any communication (request or complaints) made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal and not to the class teachers.
13. There is no re-examination in case of a student who is absent from any examination or test. If a student cannot appear for annual examination due to illness the promotion of such student will be considered, depending on the progress and performance during the current year (considering the performance of Ist term and IInd term).
14. 90% of attendance is compulsory for the promotion to the next class.
15. Anonymous letter will not be considered.
16. Parents are requested to remit the school fees in the respective banks (CSB and South Indian Bank, Kumarapuram) without any delay.
17. All are expected to obey these rules and help the school authority to maintain discipline and keep up standard and moral tone of the school.

“A good education is the joint efforts of the school and the home”